Fiera Roma, 17 - 18 October 2018

2017 Features and seminars

EXHIBIT Water, architecture and materials

Exhibit by OFARCH and DDN

Curated by Arch. Arianna Callocchia

In nature, water is one of the main constituents of ecosystems and is the basis of all life forms on Earth. Water plays an essential role in the survival of living organisms and can change our planet from a geological and landscape point of view. Man has always recognised its importance as an indispensable element in civil, agricultural and industrial use. Water is an ever-changing element and, more than in the case of any other the type of innovation, is synonymous with continuous evolution.

Architecture and all its related materials have always related to water on a poetic and cultural level, as well as on a more technical and practical level. The exhibition “Water, architecture and materials” aims to present this dialogue through a selection of contemporary, Italian and international projects that interact with water by exploiting new, eco-friendly technologies and materials with innovative features and properties.

The exhibition path is divided into two sections. The first section presents the relationship between water and architecture on the poetic and cultural level, while the second presents the relationship between water and materials on a technical and practical level. Both sections are identified in the design as two ‘waves of water travelling in parallel, but which are ideally able to cross over one another, just like architecture and its materials.

In the first section, we find a selection of projects covering themes ranging from residential, public and hospitality to well-being. From the architecture constructed near seas, rivers or lakes, we move to structures floating or immersed in water until they reach water vessels, such as pools and spas. For each work, some material samples and corresponding photographic examples of their application are presented to highlight their essential requirements in terms of sustainability and technological innovation and, at the same time, to emphasise the poetic element of the dialogue between water, architecture and materials.

In the second section, we find a selection of materials ranging from natural materials, such as wood, stone and glass, composites and traditional artificial materials such as reinforced concrete and ceramics, to new-generation materials that interact with water in its various forms in nature, in a liquid, airborne or solid state.

The aim of the exhibition is to involve architects, designers and businesses and get them acquainted with the technical performance and possible different fields of application of certain materials that interact with water, and to offer them the possibility of combining quality, aesthetics and functionality, to design and implement architecture that communicates with water in relation to the environment and social sustainability. This is because the design choices of each designer must enhance the design and take into account material lifecycles in order to ensure conscious and responsible design.

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