Fiera Roma
25 - 26 November 2020

2018 Features and seminars

Light and the city - 4 CFP

Arch. Guendalina Salimei (T Studio)

Light as a material of contemporary architectural composition, as an element in a state of natural change, depending on the time of the day and the season of the year, and the multiple variations that light can assume as an artificial being, producing changing scenarios. Light enters the design process in two ways. It articulates volume, emptying it and making it permeable, thus amplifying the relationship between interior and exterior spaces and becoming a compositional criteria and the basis of the relationship between volumes and the voids between them. This is how every single component of the project takes on an importance.

Light is also an element that contributes to the creation of shapes and images in cities, giving form to sculptural shapes, modelling surfaces, defining and controlling geometric patterns and the public spaces that define them. Light communicates with users and blends urban spaces with the experiences of those who live in them. By using artificial light, cities accentuate their communicative value, delineate landmarks and images, define symbols and contribute to producing the memories of the places. Light can bring together matter and emptiness, and architecture and its context, within public spaces. Among the projects showcased are the Frascati Cemetery, Port of Naples, Via Sparano-Rome and the Lamezia Terme Piedichiusa Park.

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