Fiera Roma
25 - 26 November 2020

2018 Features and seminars

Light in the industrial age 4.0 - 3 CFP

Arch. Filippo Cannata (Studio Cannata&Partners)

The vision of a future that offers new opportunities to “sense” designers and architects. Lighting designer is an out-dated concept, as this is now the era of the “sense” designer who produces sensory design that involves the market in a true emotional experience. Light is becoming a new business opportunity, with holistic design targeted at the needs of a new market. The acceleration that digital technologies have brought to everyday life suggests “new working models,” “new applicable strategies” and “new solutions” that aim to intercept new business opportunities. Light just for “seeing” no longer interests anyone, as the market wants to interact and get involved, and live an experience. Among the latest works within this context are those of the Egyptian Obelisk in Benevento, the façade of the Benevento Cathedral, the Unipol Tower in Milan and the Light Plane in Nola (NA).

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