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Project wall MATIÈRE GRISE by Pavillon de l'Arsenal (Paris)


Materials, reuse, architecture

Exhibition set up by the Pavillon de l’Arsenal, Paris Centre for Architecture and Urbanism Centre

Setting out from the finding that we are facing a considerable paucity of materials and from the “Métropole Zéro Déchet” (Zero Waste Metropolis) goal, the architects at the Encore Heureux architectural design agency explore the issue of the reuse of building materials at a pivotal point in time, when architecture is aspiring to reinvent itself, caught as it is between environmental and economic constraints and the need to find new uses for used materials.

Reuse boils down to the awareness that raw materials are no longer there under our feet or on the other side of the world to be quarried or mined, but in our towns and cities, our buildings and our infrastructures. It also means growing wise to the idea that the materials we have in place should no longer be carted away to be disposed of as far away as possible, but constitute an asset to be harnessed and safeguarded.

MATIERE GRISE (Grey Matter) views the act of building as a burning topic that has the potential to change the world of architecture, replace the architect at the heart of the material cycle and places all construction trades before a challenge: engineers, technical inspectors, industrial business owners, insurers, construction companies, and private and public customers alike.

What if the world of construction first looked at reusing materials to give them a new lease of life? 

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