Fiera Roma
25 - 26 November 2020

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Home of Augustus on the Palatine: telling the story with light - 3 CFP

Arch. Carolina De Camillis and Arch. Riccardo Fibbi (Studio De Camillis Fibbi)

Octavius Augustus built his home on the Palatine, which was opened in 36 BC. The rooms, which were discovered in excavations in the last century, are decorated with frescoes and stuccoes and are a fine example of Roman painting from the second half of the first century BC. A number of rooms of the Domus were opened to the public to commemorate the two thousandth anniversary of Augustus’ death. The design of the lighting, which takes into consideration the different value of the rooms of the Domus Privata, compared with the Domus Publica, accentuates the original chiaroscuro details by differentiating the source of light and its intensity and creating a perceptual hierarchy, thus distinguishing the rooms of the Domus Privata from the rooms of the Domus Publica in terms of their chromatic variation.

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