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Fall 2023

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ART "humanity lighting" by Alessandra Aita

Encountering them on the way, some do not care and climb over them, kick them or trample them, while others immediately understand their usefulness to improvise a wade, a dam, to play with the dog or to feed the fireplace. Alessandra Aita too observes those light and polished sticks which dot the river shores of Friuli or build up along the sandy shores during winter. In them, she notices an aesthetic value. Not wood shreds to be taken for granted, but beautiful and complex objects, up to the point of making them the raw material for her works.

The creative process starts from here: the thoughtful choice of worn down branches, which are by now merely irregular cylinders, clean and essential volumes, all different from each other. As a mosaic tile, the picked up stick becomes the battens to compose a sculpture: a unique and founding element, which embraces a story of travel and transformation, from the removal from the mother plant to an unpredictable grounding, only a step away from water.
Alessandra Aita uses those wood fragments to tell a greater, present story. With a project in mind, previously settled in some sketches, she starts, only a step away from water, the search for the right pieces in terms of look, tones, length and movement. These extremely small units, instinctively selected, are then matched and assembled in the study, working patiently to build and develop hollow shapes, whose undulated surface is broken by small cracks, in a pattern of full and empty elements.

This marks the birth of the cycle of big figures which do not hide their natural origin (without colour overlap which makes the matter confused and without any inner supporting grill). Their wrap, which also acts as structure, consists of the sum of those sticks that are left as they were found. In terms of dimensions, these sculptures do not fear confrontation with reality and their message is entrusted to the body position more than to the way anatomical details are dealt with. Shaped in a concise and lean way, the bare figures are characterised by likely proportions. They are actually described in a human pose which, in addition to highlighting the curved contours of buttocks, shoulders, breasts and knees, showcases the workmanship of the artist in building, uniting hard elements to softly shaped planes which urge a caress.

If based on their looks, they could be considered men and women born from nature because of their execution, in their attitudes they seem incapable of living in harmony with it, they leave it and survive in an isolation which also means distance from their fellowmen. However, maybe because they have been produced with sticks that maintained their integrity after various accidents, these figures thirst after nature, restoring a relationship with the the world around them of which, apparently, they forgot the communication methods. The denunciation that the understanding and deep connection between human beings have become increasingly difficult, often obscured by the mediation of technological tools and virtual channels, demonstrates the awareness of the man having a sick soul.

Alessandra Aita's sculptures just tell his willingness to put an end to superficial and common attitudes and habits to start a reflection, foreseeing the Rinascita ("Revival", to quote the title of a work). Therefore, even in a moment of discouragement, a light always stays on in the soul and is vivified by the relationship with nature, unveiling the way of the hope for the future. 

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